Our Lab Services

Accurate Results: Lab24, LLC uses some of the best equipment in the industry which gives us increased sensitivity which allows for lower cut-offs. The cut-off is the lowest amount that can be detected in a particular test. For example, our machine has a cut-off for morphine of 25 nanograms/ml. Machines from labs with less sensitive equipment have a cutoff of 75 ng/ml. If someone has 74 ng/ml of morphine in their system other labs will report that they are negative for morphine, our lab will report them as positive, all the way down to 25 ng/ml. This is especially helpful for substances that metabolize faster or were taken in a smaller amount. This also lets us see what drugs have been in the patient’s system over a longer period of time as opposed to other labs using less sensitive equipment. Accuracy is essential in toxicology testing and Lab24 uses industry leading equipment and methods to ensure that you get the accurate results that you need to give your patients the best care.

Excellent Service: Lab24, LLC is committed to offering the best service possible to both clinics and patients. For clinics we offer personalized service that matches your needs. To streamline the ordering process and save you time, we offer an on online ordering portal. Our portal makes it easy to submit orders and get results fast. We also understand that sometimes providers desire greater insight or clarification of test results, this is why we offer our LabDirect Hotline. Providers can call this hotline and speak with a lab technician that can answer their questions.

Quick Turnaround: Lab24, LLC is committed to getting critical results to you as quickly as possible. We can deliver results in as little as 24 hours from the time we receive the specimen, with results typically delivered in 48 hours.

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